Advanced Facial Treatments

       at The Beauty Room Shaftesbury

Microdermabrasion - £35.00

Our express facial with an intense resurfacing and exfoliating treatment. Great for dull uneven skin tone, congestion, fine lines, blackheads, acne scarring, age spots and dehydration. Stimulates cell turnover and the creation of collagen. A deep exfoliation which in turn allows products to go in deeper allowing maximum results. 

Luxury Microdermabrasion - £45

As above, with a touch more pampering. Enjoy a deep cleanse, microdermabrasion, shoulder and facial massage, mask and a hand or foot massage. Finished off with a moisturiser and eye cream.  All tailored to your particular skin type.

Hydrodermabrasion with Cryo skin toning and Oxygen infusion - £55

This new treatment provides deep skin exfoliation,  The hydrodermabrasion wand easily glides over the skin surface due to the serums applied, and the vacuum helps to collect debris from pores and dead skin cells.

Cryo skin toning is the next step of this unique Hydrodermabrasion Facial. Cryo helps to shrink pores, dramatically improve blood and lymphatic stimulation, even skin tone, stimulate collagen production, and leaves the skin illuminating with a healthy glow.

Oxygen infusion is the final step, this provides deep skin hydration with an intense flow of Oxy Serums to stimulate skin turnover, boost collagen production, increase skin elasticity, and infuse skin with minerals and vitamins.

Dermalux LED Facial (45 min) - £45

Add on to another Facial treatment - £20

Multi award winning LED phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes, accelerates cell renewal and resolves a range of skin concerns

High Frequency Facial - £30.00

An electrical facial which can improve the skin texture, eliminates and prevents acne with its germicidal and bacterial effect. Also  great for people who are prone to blemishes and breakouts as it speeds up the healing process.

Collagen Lift Facial - £60

Using Radio Frequency, Electroporation and a high concentration of active ingredients and essential oils combine to smooth away wrinkles and expression lines and restore elasticity and firmness to the skin tissue.

Add on LED - £80

Microneedling - £75

Microneedling has many, many benefits and can treat a number of skin issues. It can help with anti ageing, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, shrink open pores, reduce sun damage and pigmentation, improve the effectiveness of topical products that you put on your skin, improve acne, reduction in rosacea.

During the treatment we use a mesotherapy 'cocktail' (a mixture of antioxidant ingredients selected for your particular skin type/condition) The tiny needles that have created microchannels, allow for this cocktail to go deeper into the skin. The result is smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

Microneedling with LED - £90

Combination of Microneedling and LED, see above for more information.

Radio Frequency with Microneedling £99

Combination of Microneedling and Radio Frequency, see above for more information.

Coming soon....

Dermaplaning - £45

Dermaplaning is a form of mechanical exfoliation, where both dead skin cells and vellus hairs (the fine hairs on your face, otherwise known as ‘peach fuzz’) are scraped away from the surface of the skin using a sterile surgical scalpel. It is a highly effective exfoliation procedure which leaves the skin looking brighter, smoother and more radiant.
By removing the peach fuzz, dead skin cells, dirt and oils it will give you a perfect base for flawless make up application.